Tom Parmeson

Owner & Winemaker

Tom has been fine-tuning his winemaking skills since 2005 through practical experience. Mentors that Tom attributes to his success are Clay Mauritson and Emma Kudritzki Hall from Mauritson Winery, and Bill and Betsy Nachbaur at ACORN winery. Tom has completed his Winemaking Certificate from UC Davis. He also has taken viticulture and enology courses at Washington State and Grayson College in Texas.

In his previous career, Tom worked in software development for an oil and gas exploration service company based in Houston. He spent 15 years in various roles overseeing platform and data management technologies. He holds a BS in Geology from Texas A&M University.

Tom works harder now, than he did in his previous career, but he loves every minute. Tom lives in Healdsburg with his wife Katie and children, Dominic, Lucas & Jacob as well as their dog, Bay Lee.


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